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WMHT adopts AgileVision for DTV

WMHT, the public broadcaster serving eastern New York and western New England, has chosen Leitch's AgileVision system for its upgrade to digital broadcasting. Deborah Onslow, president of WMHT, said that the system would greatly simplify the integration of DTV broadcasting into its operation’s daily routine.

WMHT joins Smoky Hills Public Television (Bunker Hill, KS); KTWU (Topeka, KS); WCNY-TV (Syracuse, NY); South Dakota Public Broadcasting; WLVT-TV (Lehigh Valley, PA.); Idaho Public Broadcasting; and Maine Public Broadcasting, in selecting the AgileVision technology.

The AgileVision system offers quick “time to air” with low cost and complexity.

Key AgileVision features includes HD and SD splicing, logo overlays, and rate control—all while remaining in the compressed domain. Designed for broadcasting, the AgileVision system also provides integrated MPEG-2 real-time encoders and high-capacity, redundant storage in a single rack mounted unit. It offers capabilities for datacasting, logos and PSIP insertion.

Leitch promotes AgileVision as a cost-effective way for broadcasters to meet current DTV demands while preparing for future growth. The entry-level platform includes all of the ATSC-compliant MPEG-2 based functions broadcasters need to generate a DTV signal that meets FCC mandates. The equipment is also scalable and expandable to accommodate future needs.

From ATSC stream pass-through to local content insertion, AgileVision works without leaving the compressed domain. Leitch contends that because AgileVision doesn’t decompress and then recompress the signal, it can maintain the highest quality images throughout the system.

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