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WIAT Installs Utah Scientific Routing Gear

WIAT-TV in Birmingham, Ala., has deployed a new UTAH-400 HD router and two MC-2020 master controls from Utah Scientific to enable the launch of two new digital channels and institute HD broadcast of its flagship channel, CBS 42. The new channels, both broadcasting in SD, are WIAT 42-2, which launched in February and is devoted to locally produced sports and weather programming, and WIAT 42-3, which is scheduled to launch in April, and will feature round-the-clock weather radar.

WIAT, part of the New Vision Television station group, selected the UTAH-400 88x88 router because it is easily expandable and accommodates both SD and HD sources. As designed, the system makes it possible for a single master control operator to run all three channels. WIAT's master control also incorporates Utah Scientific's EAS crawl feature (EAS-2020) for cost-effective input of the emergency alert system signal into multiple channels.

"We are growing by leaps and bounds," said Scott Sarkisian, WIAT-TV chief engineer. "When I got here five years ago, this was an all analog facility. Now it's all digital, and the plant is going all HD. With the UTAH-400 router, we can grow master control and the router just by plugging in new cards. The equipment's versatility and flexibility has enabled us to implement a simple, streamlined, and cost-effective system and will enable us to maintain it long-term."