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WHYY-TV adds Broadcast Pix Granites to control room, training facility

PBS member station WHYY-TV in Philadelphia (DMA #4) has installed Broadcast Pix Granite 5000 live video production systems in two control rooms. WHYY produces a number of original programs, however, the station does not produce a daily nightly newscast, so in the past, the control room was dark much of the time.

To leverage the capital investment in the space, the station decided to install a collection of activity pods that can be used together during a production or used independently for content creation when the studio is not in use. Broadcast Pix Granite is the heart of the visual image pod, which is located near the monitor wall and serves as the technical director’s station. Other pods in the control room are tasked for ingest and library management, graphics, and producers.

WHYY is also developing a Web pod to support the creation and streaming of a second program that is different from the broadcast production, plus provide a direct workflow to social networking tools and additional resources to improve its online presence.