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WHYY Returns to ProTrack

NORTHAMPTON, MASS.— Myers announced that WHYY will be returning to the Myers ProTrack Broadcast Management system to manage its television broadcast operations. WHYY is Philadelphia's PBS member station, serving southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and all of Delaware for nearly 60 years. WHYY chose to re-acquire ProTrack, knowing that Myers would be able to manage its current and future content distribution workflows.

ProTrack will provide WHYY with the media management infrastructure needed to organize cross-department workflows, while simultaneously enhancing their multichannel scheduling, sales, and trafficking responsibilities. Ancillary services such as a Web schedule plug-in and an automated cloud-based data backup and restore service are also being provided. Additionally, ProTrack’s advanced systems integration capabilities will enable WHYY to partner with Centralcast LLC, a joint master control facility located in Syracuse, N.Y., to centralize the acquisition, distribution, and storage of their content with like media facilities around the country.