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WGBY relies on Leitch AgileVision as key component in digital upgrade

Leitch Technology has announced that Springfield, MA-based public television station WGBY has selected Leitch's AgileVison MPEG processing system as a key component of its ongoing conversion from analog to digital broadcasting.

Leitch's AgileVision (AGV-1000) is a DTV playout system featuring integrated MPEG-2 master control, real-time encoders and an HD/SD video server in the same rack-mounted unit.

AgileVision is highly configurable, and Leitch customized WGBY's AGV-1000 system so it would output one HD signal and two SD signals simultaneously in the 19.39 Mb/s ATSC multiplex stream.

WGBY's AgileVision system was also equipped with two SD ATSC real-time encoders, four ASI inputs and two mirrored ASI outputs. The system’s storage capacity is greater than 1.7TB, complete with RAID protection. Additionally, the system's Trickle Stream feature enables WGBY to confidently switch from a larger number of programs to fewer programs while keeping low bit-rate streams in place for seamless operation of downstream equipment in cable headends or ATSC consumer set-top boxes.

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