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WGBY Picks Leitch AgileVision for Digital Conversion

Springfield, Mass.-based public television station WGBY-TV selected Leitch's AgileVision MPEG processing platform as a component of its ongoing conversion from analog to digital broadcasting. The AGV-1000 is a DTV playout system featuring integrated MPEG-2 master control, two SD ATSC real-time encoders and an HD/SD video server in a rackmounted unit.

Leitch customized WGBY's system to include the capability to output one HD signal and two SD signals simultaneously in the 19.39 Mb/s ATSC multiplex stream. Additionally, the system's Trickle Down feature enables WGBY to switch from a larger number of programs to fewer programs while keeping low bit-rate streams in place for operation of downstream equipment in cable headends or ATSC consumer set top boxes.