WFMJ Taps Pixel Power for Graphics Rebrand

Pixel Power StreamMaster PRIME WFMJ
(Image credit: Pixel Power)

CAMBRIDGE, U.K.—Pixel Power has supplied WFMJ, the NBC and CW affiliate for Youngstown, Ohio, with its StreamMaster PRIME platform to assist with a graphic rebrand. WFMJ is swapping one Pixel Power platform out for another, replacing its previous LogoVision graphics generator with the StreamMaster PRIME. 

StreamMaster PRIME is a turnkey appliance that is implemented in software running on COTS hardware. It can provide replacement for individual devices in a traditional master control and playout architecture, it also supports SDI I/O for integration with existing infrastructure.

At WFMJ, StreamMaster PRIME runs largely automated, taking data from the station’s BTI system and displaying news ticker, Lotto results, school closure information and election data. The StreamMaster Control Toolbox, a software application included with StreamMaster PRIME, is used for control and template design.

Pixel Power says that StreamMaster PRIME can be updated as needed, with the possibility of serving as part of a virtualized, IP connected playout system when WFMJ is ready to make that transition.

“StreamMaster PRIME is precisely what we needed,” said Bob Flis, chief engineer at WFMJ. “We could unplug the old system, plug in the new and it carried on working perfectly. We were used to high-quality graphics from our old Pixel Power system, and this keeps up the great look. StreamMaster is software defined so it is future proof, we can add new functions as our need evolves.”