Wexler to purchase Sony XDCAM HD camcorders and Canon lenses

Wexler Video has bought 25 Sony XDCAM HD optical disc camcorders and more than 50 Canon HD lenses to add to its inventory.

To be delivered this month, Wexler's clients targeted for the XDCAM cameras include those working in TV and motion picture applications, as well as independent cinematography, documentary and industrial video production.

The new PDW-F350 model offers variable frame rate recording capabilities. According to Wexler, this feature, among others, will appeal to professionals in reality TV production and newsmagazine programming, where the SD version of the XDCAM system is already prevalent.

The Sony camcorders will be equipped with Canon's portable HD lenses, including the KH21ex5.7 IRSE telephoto and KH10ex3.6 IRSE wide-angle models.

For more information, visit www.sony.com.

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