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2002 is one of the most significant years in the 42-year history of Broadcast Engineering and its 23 year-old sister publication, World Broadcast Engineering. The transition to join the two leaders was initiated in 2000 when we began focusing World Broadcast Engineering on technology. As the digital age of television dawns, we have united the full force of the industry’s most-respected magazine in North America with the most-respected magazine serving the rest of the world. We now present Broadcast Engineering, the journal of digital television, in two editions: United States/Canada and the World Edition.

External and internal research during the past two years have proven over and over that Broadcast Engineering’s technology approach to covering the market is vital to readers’ needs worldwide. Television, cable, production, satellite and telecom readers around the globe are in desperate need of accurate, hands-on technical information on today’s digital technology. In the old days, everyone knew that plug-and-play, analog products actually were as advertised. That feeling of contentment has come and gone with the advent of today’s highly sophisticated digital products. Readers are confused as to what works with what are being forced to make high-risk decisions at accelerating prices. As mentioned during our research by a leading Latin American broadcaster, “the wrong technology decisions can kill my company.”

Our answer us to unleash Broadcast Engineering to the world. The transition of Broadcast Engineering and World Broadcast Engineering is complete. The new Broadcast Engineering is one magazine, with two monthly editions, serving the world. Broadcast Engineering’s United States/Canada edition continues its long tradition of concentrating on the technology of the United states and Canadian television markets. Broadcast Engineering’s World edition covers many of the same topics and technologies of the United States/Canada edition, with the added flavor and technologies unique to the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), Asian and Latin American markets. As you look through our editorial calendar, you will notice many features appearing in both editions alongside other key technology pieces unique to each.

The centerpiece to the two editions working together is technology. Broadcast Engineering has been the dominant technical publication since its inception in 1959. Engineers and editors with decades of experience in the TV industry write it. They understand the challenges of new technology, regulations and implementing new solutions. They’ve been on the front line and have design, built and maintained the same facilities their readers use. That background allows them to target their coverage and presentation to maximize the benefits to Broadcast Engineering’s readers.

By putting our readers first, we better serve you as an advertiser. Take a look at the combined editorial and demographic package we’ve developed. We think you’ll be as excited as we are about the new, global Broadcast Engineering.