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WEIU adjusts quickly to new demands with expansion of NVerzion automation, archive

WEIU-TV, a PBS affiliate on the Eastern Illinois University campus, has just completed the expansion of its existing NVerzion automation and nearline archive system to expand system’s capabilities without purchasing unnecessary applications. The expansion was part of an entire station conversion and transition to HD completed on March 22.

WEIU-TV 51 aired its first broadcast in 1986, offering East Central Illinois local news, public affairs and instructional programming. The station’s award-winning TV News Watch is currently one of the only stations in central Illinois to produce live local news in HD. As the expansion became eminent, WEIU returned to NVerzion for assistance to meet new automation and archival requirements that would not only support new HD content delivery requirements, but would economically provide expandable nearline access and archive for that HD content.

The new expansion order included a changeover from a single-channel master control and single-channel, cuts-only (router output) transmission operations to a new two-channel master control and single-channel, cuts-only configuration. In transitioning to HD, the station also nearly doubled its nearline storage requirements. To support the upgrade, WEIU also purchased a new NVerzion Tera Store 24/1500 nearline storage system with a capacity of 24TB.