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Web user interface technologies enter the living room, says ABI Research

The push for online video and social communities in the living room has resulted in ever-increasing interest in HTML and other Web-based technologies on consumer TVs, according to ABI Research.

Some in the consumer electronics industry are making a strong push to explore the integration of HTML and browser engines into existing user interface platforms, said the company’s research director Michael Wolf. Another segment seeing growth is the use of a browser to surf the Web in the living room or on a portable electronic device, he added.

The consumer-usable living room browser market today is led by a few companies, such as Opera and ACCESS, while other companies like OpenTV, Oregan Networks and ANT Software are active in selling their browser products as part of a Web-based user interface rendering solution, according to ABI Research.

HTML, Adobe’s Flash/AIR and Java are the three main contenders for the next generation of user interfaces.

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