WCPO-TV selects Omneon SPECTRUM for production and playout

With the help of system integrator A.F. Associates, WCPO-TV is using two Omneon Spectrum media servers and a Panasonic’s newsBYTE system.

Two Omneon SPECTRUM media server systems have been installed at the new all-digital facility of ABC affiliate WCPO-TV, a Cincinnati station owned by E.W. Scripps.

WCPO and systems integrator A.F. Associates worked together to create a digital workflow based on Omneon servers in both production and playout. Engineers selected the media server system for integration with Crispin automation — already part of Scripps’ broadcasting model — in the new master control environment.

For news production under Avid iNEWS newsroom automation, a second server was integrated with Panasonic’s newsBYTE DVCPRO editing systems. The seamless linking of the Omneon, Panasonic and Avid technologies provides commonality between the facility’s master control and production workflows while reducing staff training time.

The server system’s open architecture allows it to support a broad variety of third-party applications for control and transmission, media management, archiving and collaborative production. As a result, stored media can be shared among many users and applications. As WCPO grows, the modular server system will allow the facility to scale system components and capacity in small or large increments as desired.

For more information, visit www.omneon.com.

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