Waterman Broadcasting overhauls look of WBBH 24-hour news channel

Waterman Broadcasting, operator of WBBH in Fort Myers, FL, has used the Chyron Channel Box² branding and promo system to revamp the look of its 24/7 news channel.

WBBH is using the Channel Box² to enable a seamless upgrade of its news product’s display of information and the channel’s overall look.

“The system’s flexibility, reliability, and ease of operation made the Channel Box² a natural choice for control of our 24/7 news subchannel,” said Bob Hannon, director of production at Waterman Broadcasting. “The Channel Box² not only requires less time and attention than other solutions but also allows for aggressive selling and scheduling of revenue-producing programming and spots.”

The Channel Box² channel branding system features 2-D/3-D design with a data acquisition toolset for all branding applications. Built on Chyron’s Lyric technology, Channel Box² allows users to access any data —RSS feeds, traffic, financial, weather, elections, tickers, promos, snipes and social media— and publish it on-air. The latest Channel Box² software includes a point-and-click data tool that allows users to acquire data from many sources quickly and easily. The Channel Box sports data feed interface allows for the easy display of live TV sports data feeds from most major scoring systems.

Installed in the WBBH tech core along with a KVM station that facilitates operator use, the Channel Box² provides background graphics, weather information, including current conditions and five-day forecasts and information from the local and national news crawls. It also supports two DVE displays, one featuring the broadcaster’s live radar and the other providing news updates and other segments. The Chyron system also supports instant updating of information, automatic switching to backup paths for information, instant routing of video sources and remote automation control of program content and format.