Want More HD Channels? Think Luau or Igloo

At the risk of perhaps incurring the wrath of some cable subscribers living in some of the largest markets within the continental United States, we must tell you that if you really want a whole lot of HD channels you may have to relocate 3,000 miles west of the California coast to Hawaii, or way up north to Alaska. Not too bad for DMA markets no. 72 and no. 150, respectively.

But be sure to get a satellite dish.

This month, Dish Network subscribers have gotten another 30 HD channels added to their HD menu, nearly doubling that struggling satellite provider's HD services to 65 channels. And at 130 HD channels, rival DirecTV said its HD channel count is triple that of cable. (In fact, DirecTV's count is currently closer to four times the number of HD non-premium channels as cable.)

Comcast (America's largest TV service provider) currently has fewer than 40 HD channels on its non-premium tier in most of its markets — not to be confused with the cabler's heavy marketing of offering the most "HD choices" (which primarily is free and PPV VOD).