VR Upgrade Added to Vinten FHR-35 Pan, Tilt Head

LOS ANGELES: Vinten Radamec, a provider of robotic camera support systems, has added a virtual reality upgraded to its Fusion FHR-35 pan and tilt head.

The Fusion FHR-35 pan and tilt head was launched in 2011, and was the first Vinten Radamec product to incorporate the company’s intelligent control engineering (ICE), which delivers control and accuracy in a compact form, the company says.

The VR upgrade, designed specifically for the robotic controlled FHR-35, provides operators with a flexible solution suitable for a broad range of virtual reality applications, from sports to studios.

The FHR-35 offers simple and straightforward integration for both the VR vendor and the customer as the pan and tilt head uses Ethernet—or serial output—direct from the head, to transmit positional data to the VR render engine, the company says.

Designed for payloads up to 35.27 pounds, the Fusion FHR-35 head was created around Vinten Radamec’s ICE technology, the company says. The platform provides a motion control system and drive train to deliver both the fastest and the slowest broadcast quality movement, as well as the widest pan and tilt range, with accuracy better than 0.02 degrees. High-resolution absolute encoders deliver accurate camera positional data suitable for the most demanding VR applications, Vinten says.

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