Vizrt Unveils Viz Libero 8.0

(Image credit: Vizrt)

BERGEN, Norway—Vizrt has released Viz Libero 8.0, the latest update to its editorial analysis and replay tool for sports.

The update, driven by input from producers and users, enhances the user experience and gives operators ways to reduce the turnaround time needed to create pre-, post and in-game content for live sports, the company said.

“The ability of an operator to move fast and deliver compelling content is a competitive advantage for any broadcaster. Viz Libero now offers the fastest and most complete sports analysis solution on the market with endless possibilities to create stunning analysis content that broadcasters want to use on every match-day,” said Richard Einstein, senior product manager for sports solutions at the company.

“The new user interface, which offers an amplified user experience alongside the advanced features with the latest release of Viz Libero enables broadcasters to produce more high-impact content in less time in game, consequently increasing viewer engagement, coverage uptake and ROI.”

The update’s new graphical user interface (GUI) is more powerful and offers faster interactions with fewer clicks to create analysis clips. All functions, including video selection, calibration, adding and previewing graphics and exporting clips, are at the fingertips of users. Switching between different workflow steps is now done in an instant, enhancing productivity and the quality of the output, the company said.

Viz Libero 8’s new streamlined design makes adoption by new users fast. Within only a few minutes, new users can operate the tool, thereby reducing the expense and time needed to train operators and making it faster for broadcasters to grow their pool of operators, the company said.

Viz Libero 8 also adds a new preview function, available during the complete workflow, for precision calibration, keying or editing of 3D camera flights, making it possible to see the effects instantly in the final clip without rendering. Vizrt has added a clear structure with improved visibility to the product’s NLE editor, enabling faster access and accurate adjustments to all relevant elements in the timeline, it said.

The company has scheduled an online demo on April 28 at 11 a.m. EDT. Sign up, is available online (opens in new tab).  

More information is available on the Vizrt website (opens in new tab)

Phil Kurz

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