Vinten Radamec Unveils Virtual Reality for FHR-35

VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y.: Vinten Radamec recently launched a virtual-reality upgrade for its FHR-35 head.

The Fusion FHR-35 pan-and-tilt head debuted at IBC 2011, and was the first Vinten Radamec product to incorporate the company’s Intelligent Control Engineering. The FHR-35 uses Ethernet or serial output, direct from the head, to transmit positional data to the VR render engine.

Designed for payloads up to 35.27 lbs (16kg), the Fusion FHR-35 head was created around Vinten Radamec’s ICE technology. The platform provides a motion control system and drive train to deliver broadcast quality movement, as well as the widest pan-and-tilt range, with accuracy better than 0.02 degrees.

High-resolution absolute encoders deliver accurate camera positional data suitable for the most demanding VR applications. The ICE motion control system is also able to drive a wide range of full-servo broadcast lenses using analog, digital or hybrid control modes.