Via Licensing expands call for essential patents reading on the MPEG-4 audio standard

Via Licensing has expanded the call for essential patents reading on the MPEG-4 Audio standard.

The MPEG-4 Industry Forum originally issued a call for essential patents related to a subset of MPEG-4 Audio only. With licensing activities for these portions of the MPEG-4 Audio standard soon to begin, Via Licensing has now invited the submission of patents believed to be essential to the normative aspect of the entire MPEG-4 Audio standard, including the recently defined Amendment 1: Bandwidth Extension.

Portions of the standard newly included in this expanded call for essential patents include the High Efficiency AAC Profile, which features the Spectral Band Replication technology newly specified within MPEG, as well as MPEG-4 Structured Audio, and parametric audio coding. These technologies allow product developers to achieve extremely low bandwidth audio rendering.

A copy of the MPEG-4 Audio specification is available for purchase from the ISO online store at (click on “Search and buy standards” and then search for “14496-3”).

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