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VHF TV Channels Still Attractive

Last Friday the FCC released its first list of Low Power/Television Translators, Class A Television: Proposed Construction Permits (Report PGL09-4) [PDF] since the analog shutdown. In the list there were seven low-band VHF proposed construction permits. Three were for analog service and the rest digital. One of the proposed digital permits is for Channel 2. I counted six high-band VHF permits, with four of them digital.

The proposed permits cover both large and small markets. Looking at the markets I'm familiar with, I found a number of applications filed for former full service analog channels. AsiaVision picked up NBC's Channel 4 in Washington D.C., and Budd Broadcasting grabbed former Miami analog Channel 33 for use in Palm Beach, Florida. If the proposed permit is granted, Mako Communications will be transmitting on Channel 2 in Philadelphia.

Petitions to deny any of these applications may be filed within 30 days of the release of the Public Notice listing the proposed grants.