Verizon to Carry First 3D Baseball Games on FiOS TV

NEW YORK: Verizon plans to carry the 3D feed of this summer’s Major League Baseball games now slated for the format, marking the telcoTV provider’s entry into 3D. The FiOS TV carrier was cut out of carriage of last month’s Masters golf tournament, carried in 3D on Comcast and Cox cable systems.

Verizon said it would bring the July 3D telecasts of the New York Yankees-Seattle Mariners games to its FiOS TV customers live in the New York market. The YES Network there is carrying the game.

The 3D feed will be presented to FiOS TV subscribers in New York City, Long Island, parts of New Jersey, and Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties. They’ll need a high-definition set-top box, a 3D television set and shutter glasses to view the July 10 and 11 games in non-anaglyph, stereoscopic 3D. Verizon said it would provide “a free manual adjustment procedure so the set-top box can sync the 3D signal with the 3D TV, which is required to watch this YES Network 3D telecast.”

The carrier said it’s “currently developing a formal 3D offering that will be available in time for the winter holiday shopping season, when 3D television sales are expected to spike.”

MLB, along with YES Network and DirecTV announced they’d do 3D coverage of the upcoming games last week. Panasonic and DirecTV will sponsor the 3D feeds, which will be available live through DirecTV’s HD infrastructure.
-- Deborah D. McAdams

(Image of Safeco Field by Rickie22)
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