Va.-Based MMDS Service Picks Scopus to Double Channel Capacity

Roanoke, Va.-based Digital Broadcast Corp. (DBC) selected Scopus compression hardware and management systems for use by its subsidiary, AirCable America.

AirCable hopes to double the channel capacity of its digital MMDS services by integrating Scopus' Codico technology into its headend. Finline Technologies will integrate the equipment.

The headend includes Scopus E-1000 encoders, controlling RTM3800 multiplexers and the NMS4000 series network management system, and the company's IRD2600 receivers for monitoring purposes. DBC's MMDS services will reach subscribers throughout Roanoke and within a 50-mile radius of the city, and offer 140 channels to the area. DBC Chief Operating Officer Gary Nerlinger says there is a 20, 000-plus backlog of subscribers waiting to receive the upgrade.