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USDTV Chooses ATI Chips for Set-top Boxes

U.S. Digital Television (USDTV), the subscription based over-the-air DTV service, will be using ATI's Xilleon MPEG decoder/processor chip and the NXT2004 VSB/QAM receiver chip in its set-top boxes. The ATI press release ATI Enables USDTV's New Low-Cost Alternative to Cable TV, quoted Richard Johnson, COO of USDTV, commenting on the chips. "ATI is recognized as providing exceptional chips enabling delivery of crystal-clear digital and high-definition television programming. The performance of XILLEON and NXT2004 in our set-top boxes has been excellent."

The set-top boxes are being built by Chinese set-top manufacturer Hisense Company Ltd. USDTV is also working with technology companies Dotcast, Winegard and ServicePower.

For more information on USDTV and additional links, see RF Report for January 19, 2004.