USDTV Assets Acquired by NexGen Telecom

Not long after demonstrating transmission of MPEG-4 compressed video in an ATSC broadcast TV stream at NAB2006, USDTV--the first over-the-air digital subscription TV service in the United States--declared bankruptcy. Last week, NexGen Telecom LLC announced it acquired the assets of U.S. Digital Television LLC (USDTV) from the bankruptcy court. Steve Lindsley, a former USDTV executive, will serve as CEO of NexGen Telecom.

Charles S. McNeil, chairman of NexGen Telecom said, "Acquiring the USDTV assets and hiring Steve Lindsley as our chief executive were critical steps needed to boldly move our company forward as we enter the competitive digital services marketplace. Steve and his management team have led the industry and were the first group in the U.S. to distribute cable networks 'over-the-air' using the digital spectrum of local broadcasters."

Last Thursday, USDTV said the company "is in the process of replenishing service equipment inventories and increasing installation capacity, and will help new customers as quickly as possible."