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U.K. production facility 3sixtymedia adds Kahuna SD/HD switcher

3sixtymedia, an ITV Productions/BBC Resources joint venture broadcast studio, has acquired a Snell & Wilcox Kahuna SD/HD production switcher.

Installed at Studio 12 in Manchester, the Kahuna offers versatile source selection, access and mixing capabilities that have been invaluable in the creation of complex television programs, such as “Soapstar Superstar” and “A Question of Sport.”

The Kahuna’s ability to enable simultaneous SD and HD operations on the same control surface and in the same mainframe provides 3sixtymedia with a future-proof, fully HD-capable solution that has integrated smoothly into the studio’s existing infrastructure and will support more advanced broadcast systems and productions as further upgrades are made to the facility.

Kahuna’s unprecedented flexibility enables 3sixtymedia to work initially in SD-only mode and later, after refurbishing its studio, monitoring, and infrastructure, upgrade to multiformat SD/HD operation. In multiformat SD/HD mode, Kahuna’s FormatFusion technology allows SD sources to be integrated into HD productions and vice versa.

3sixtymedia replaced an aging switcher with a 3M/E Kahuna system, featuring a 4M/E option installed in the mainframe, a separate master auxiliary panel, six remote auxiliary panels, four channels of DVE, and an 80-input option.

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