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UK Post House Converts HD with Snell's Alchemist

London, U.K.-based Stanley Productions is going HD with the Snell and Wilcox Alchemist Platinum Ph.C.

The Alchemist Platinum Ph.C. converter is being used to provide a full range of high-end standards conversion services, including all formats of SD to HD. HD conversions are done exclusively on Alchemist.

Stanley Aarons, owner of Stanley Productions said that the company is seeing greater demand from customers for HD work, so he wanted to equip the facility to handle the wave of HD content. So far, Stanley has used the converter for high-end feature films, television shows and concert video projects.

The U.K.-based company is converting from HD to DigiBeta and DVCAM and the Alchemist is useful when it's necessary to change the frame rate, according to Aarons.