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U.K.: New Rules offer 3D Queue for Sky's EPG

Got a proposed 3D HD channel you'd like to launch in Europe? DBS provider BSkyB (opens in new tab) is interested, but first you'll have to queue up for a chance at getting your application seriously considered.

Sky opened a 3D queue-to-launch for new applications earlier this week (March 30), thanks to new rules from British TV/radio regular Ofcom. Until recently, the only way for broadcasters to hope to secure any new channels on Sky's electronic program guide was to purchase positions outright previously held by other broadcasters.

Under the rules, any channel that already has secured their broadcast license will be able to seek a position in the 3D queue. The new rules apply only to HD and/or 3D channels. (New SD channels will still need to seek out available channel slots willing to have their places on the EPG bought out.)

Details of the HD/3D launch-queue rules are given in the new PDF edition of "Method for Allocating Listings in Sky's EPG (opens in new tab)."

Meanwhile, Sky went ahead and listed its own 3D channel (ch. 217) on its EPG this week, ahead of the planned April 3 launch date.