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U.K.: BBC1, Channel 4 HD to Phone it in Live

While mobile TV via cell phones and other devices winds its way into American digital media, Brits (and perhaps others far afield from the United Kingdom) very soon will be able to view live TV from such established venues as BBC1 and Channel 4 HD on their cell phones for about $7 monthly.

All TV channels currently on Britain's free terrestrial service, Freeview, are already signed on for live (and recorded) streaming to be fed simultaneously with the regular digital broadcasts, thanks largely to the launch by FilmOn HDI of a new mobile-phone version of its player, according to various U.K. Web sites.

The player application will be available starting July 20 via download on a worldwide basis. It's designed to function on virtually all mobile operating systems—including Apple's newly released iPhone 3GS (a specific iPhone app has also been developed) as well as Blackberry handsets.

As many as 50 channels eventually will be available on the phones (the vast majority of them decidedly SD, not HD) including Sky News, ITV, Five, BBC1 and Channel 4 HD.