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Twin Cities Public TV Adds Small Tree RAID

St. Paul-based Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) is now using Small Tree’s GraniteStor ST-RAID II storage system as part of its workflow. The Ethernet-based system provides shared storage for the operation’s 30 video editors, allowing more efficient video content production.

“We considered shifting to a SAN solution years ago, but the cost of implementation and maintenance made it a cost prohibitive option at that time,” said Bruce Jacobs, TPT’s chief technologist. “Since we’ve moved toward compressed editing and the XDCAM codec, we’re comfortable using Gigabit Ethernet as long as we know we have a server technology that can support fluid, real-time editing. With its ST-RAID II and extensive technical expertise, Small Tree has given us the confidence to implement a shared storage solution.”

The TPT system is sized at 48 TB and provided a cost-effective solution to replace operation’s previous “sneaker net” technology for multiple editor Mac-based production of programming.