TV4 to take to Arctic region with two new DSNG vehicles

Sometime this spring, Swedish commercial broadcaster TV4 will roll into urban and lowland areas within the country’s Arctic Circle region with two new digital satellite newsgathering (DSNG) vehicles designed to handle extreme weather conditions.

The vehicles, designed and built by UK–based broadcast integrator Megahertz, are based on long-wheelbase Volkswagen 2.5 TDI Transporters. They include extra driving lights, a sophisticated heating system with engine heating, four-wheel drive and studded winter tires for use on the unsealed roads and rough terrain found in northern Sweden.

Both are equipped with 1.5m Advent NewSwift satellite dishes and Advent encoders and will be fitted with Link Research wireless camera systems with parallel Sennheiser wireless in-ear audio monitoring systems for use by presenters in the vicinity of the truck.

Megahertz built the vehicles at its Cambridgeshire workshops.

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