TV3 expands MassStore for HD workflow asset management

TV3 has recently upgraded its MassStore WAM (workflow-based asset management) system at its facility in Auckland, New Zealand. TV3 upgraded its Masstech DataMovers for greater bandwidth and added a MassTransIt K2-HD 1080i 50Mb/s DHM transcoding engine to integrate its SAvISM (Smart Avid Interface) Avid production workflow environment as well as StorageTek Titanium high-performance tape drives in the L700 robotic tape library.

In the TV3 facility, MassStore is integrated with a StorageTek library and Harris automation. All ingested content is automatically tracked and moved by MassStore from nearline and T10K tape storage to and from the video servers. All programming is available for playout when needed. Unity users are able to automatically transfer native Avid material to and from MassStore. Once an edited piece is complete, MassStore will automatically transcode the content into the K2 HD file format and move it to the video server for playout.

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