TV Top Source of News for Just 12% of Gen Z

NEW YORK—People always say that children are the future, so what does that future look like, especially when it comes to media consumption habits. A new survey from Morning Consult focuses on the habits and values of Generation Z adults (ages 18-21 for the survey), and traditional TV as a vital source of news did not fare overly well.

Only 12% of respondents to the survey say that they get most of their news from TV, which dwarfs in comparison to other adults (42%). Specifically with the traditional broadcast networks (CBS, NBC and ABC), Gen Z adults are 10 points less likely to watch than older generations.

Instead of TV, 49% of Gen Z adults chose to get most of their news from social media, compared to 17% with other adults. They also are more likely to frequently visit digital-first publications like Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, Vox and New York Magazine than their elders.

The Morning Consult survey also dives into consumer habits, aspirations and political identities. To see the full “Understanding Generation Z” report, click here.