TV Technology's 'Guide to Election Coverage' Now Available

(Image credit: Future)

While it can’t be defined as a “contact sport,” TV news reporting on elections does rely on proximity—to the candidates and the voters. But when proximity is even threatened, where do you go then?

Welcome to 2020 and the crazy world of news where the most important TV events of the year have either been cancelled (Olympics) or compromised (pretty much everything else). The most important event of the year—to Americans and the entire world for that matter—are the U.S. elections. The Presidential campaign naturally has a tendency to consume most of the interest, but it can be argued more hours are dedicated to the local races in states and municipalities nationwide. 

In our latest ebook, we take a look at how TV stations are coping with the unique challenges of covering Campaign 2020. 

Download the "Guide to Election Coverage" ebook online.