TV Series Make a Show of it on Blu-ray Top 10

In a title sales chart typically dominated (often exclusively) by movies, the latest Blu-ray Top 10 boast no fewer than three TV series, all of which are still in first-run on broadcast networks.

The full-season box sets for the various series include "The Office" (6), "Heroes" (8) and "Fringe" (9). Four of the week's top 10 titles came from Universal.

Also, due to the different demographics between standard DVD and Blu-ray users (with Blu-ray skewing much younger because a lot of video-game consoles include Blu-ray drives), "State of Play" was the top rental title for standard DVD. Yet it could muster no better than the seventh slot in Blu-ray sales in the same week.

According to Rentrak, the Top 10 Blu-ray title sales for the weekend ending Sept. 12:

  1. "Crank 2: High Voltage" (Lionsgate)
  2. "Gladiator" (Paramount)
  3. "Earth" (Disney)
  4. "Braveheart" (Paramount)
  5. "Watchmen" (Warner Brothers)
  6. "The Office: Season 5" (Universal)
  7. "State of Play" (Universal)
  8. "Heroes: Season 3" (Universal)
  9. "Fringe: Season 1" (Warner Brothers)
  10. "Coraline" (Universal)