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TV One Introduces Products for Home Theaters

Five new components from TV One designed for use in HD home theater systems are now shipping. The company says the components will extend the range of DVI (digital video imaging) signals via several display options. The devices are all fully HDCP (HD Content Protection) -compliant.

TV One's new key component is the 1T-DVI-RH DVI Repeater, capable of sending HD signals at least 40 ft. using premium cable. The unit is designed to eliminate signal degradation by completely rebuilding and amplifying all digital video inputs. Its reach can be extended further by using TV One's Z-Plus ZD-1813 Super High-Resolution DVI Cable, and up to three of the repeaters can be cascaded to accommodate extremely long distances.

PC-compatible for general computer use, too, the five new TV One products meet FCC and CE standards, and are compliant with EDID and DCC. Slightly larger than a standard AC plug, TV One's micro-power adapter can also be used with each product while a locking DC-power connector guards against accidental loss of power during operation.