TV Genius announces backward EPG for content delivery platform

TV Genius launched its new backward EPG functionality for its Content Discovery Platform at the recent IP&TV World Forum. Backward EPG enables viewers to not only view future TV listings, but also to look back and watch programs from the past 24 hours.

Backward EPG enables operators to integrate VOD and catch-up services into their existing EPGs without having to rework their metadata operations. This allows the solution to be immediately deployable.

The main reason viewers use catch-up services is because they have missed the program they wanted to watch, the company said. By enhancing EPGs to include on-demand programs, TV Genius is now able to offer a solution that makes it even easier for viewers to catch up on what they’ve missed and give them greater levels of choice and flexibility.

The new function works alongside the existing search and recommendation features of the TV Genius Content Discovery Platform. Viewers will able to experience all of these features together in a consistent content discovery solution across all three primary screens: TV, PC and mobile.