Turner Studios Use Slate 3000 for Sports Production

Broadcast Pix has announced that Atlanta-based Turner Studios, a division of the Turner Broadcasting System, is now relying on Broadcast Pix’s Slate 3000 integrated production system to produce a “second screen” viewing experience for sports fans.

While Turner Sport’s is carrying live events such as NBA basketball or NASCAR coverage, a second set of HD images is being provided via Webcasting technology. Viewers can access links for logging onto this bonus coverage (“TNT Overtime” or “TNT RaceBuddy”) on TNT’s TVT.tv Web site or through NBA or NASCAR Web sites. Turner’s Broadcast Pix Slate 3000 is fed HD video coverage from live event cameras through an integrated routing system.

“The Slate 3000 is a great solution for ‘TNT Overtime’ and ‘TNT RaceBuddy,’ because it lets a single operator control all aspects of the webcasts, as well as up to five simultaneously streamed outputs, all from a single, compact system,” said Bill Chapman, vice president of creative development/emerging technologies for Turner Studios. “One person can do the work of three people, serving as the technical director, graphics, and video operators--and one system provides a great array of HD resources. Without Slate, our multi-screen Webcasts wouldn’t be as flexible or creative.”

Two of the four views offered on “TNT Overtime” follow specific basketball players, while one of the “TNT RaceBuddy” screen feeds is from a viewer-selected in-car camera. Internet audiences decide which players and drivers they get to see by voting at the respective Web sites.