Turner Studios focuses with Fujinon HD lenses

The lightweight Fujinon HA22x7.8BERM/BERD telephoto lens features an improved F number (F1.8) and a maximum relative aperture of F1.8 (from 7.8-122mm).

Looking to shoot high-quality high-definition footage to feed the newly announced TNT HD channel, the Film & Video Unit of Turner Studios in Atlanta has upgraded its field acquisition equipment with new HD telephoto and wide-angle lenses from Fujinon.

They’re currently using three HA13x4.5ERD wide-angle and three HA22x7.8ERD telephoto lenses on three Sony F-900 HDCAM camcorders; shooting such image-conscious Turner South network programs as “Southern Living Presents” and “Off the Menu.” The “Southern Living Presents” series is being shot in 24p fps, providing a crisp look, reminiscent of its namesake print magazine. Other shows scheduled to be shot this later year include “Liars and Legends” and “Southern Home By Design.”

Bud Wendling, director of the Film & Video Unit, said that after months in the field, the Fujinon HD lenses, which capture true 16:9 images, have gotten a workout and they continue to deliver high-quality results.

“We believe that once HD begins to take off, and we think that it will soon, we’ll be ready with programming that meets the higher resolution requirements,” he said. His crews have been shooting in HD since 2000, renting most of the equipment they used prior to buying the new Fujinon HD ENG-style lenses.

Wendling said all future programs archived for the Turner South network are required to be shot in HD, per a new company policy.

The HA13x4.5BERM/BERD is a 2/3-inch format wide-angle lens well-suited for 16:9 production with a 93.6-degree horizontal field of view.

The material being shot now will debut on the network later this year; some in true HD (1080i) while some will be down-converted for NTSC audiences. However, the shows will still be presented in the “letterbox” 16:9 format.

The HA13x4.5BERM/BERD is a 2/3-inch format wide-angle lens with an extremely wide angle range--4.5mm with a 93.6-degree horizontal field of view. The BERM version has a 2X extender and manual focus servo zoom; while the BERD version also features a 2X extender, servo focus and servo zoom.

The HA22x7.8BERM/BERD is a telephoto lens with a 2x extender, compact size and weight (1.78kg),and an improved F number (F1.8) – maximum relative aperture of F1.8 (from 7.8-122mm) and reduced Minimum Object Distance (0.8m).

For more information visit www.fujinonbroadcast.com.

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