Turner Sports provides multiplatform coverage of 2010 MLB post-season

Jeff Behnke, Turner Sports senior vice president and executive producer, said this year's Major League Baseball divisional and American League Championship Series will provide fans with live coverage, both on television and online, that will bring fans closer to the game and the network's on-air analysts.

That's because Turner Sports is providing extensive multiplatform coverage of this year's MLB post-season, with even more interactivity than during last year's coverage.

The network's live coverage will feature the debut of an enhanced version of its PITCHf/x System (developed by Sportvision) and the return of its Pitch Trax to TBS' post-season coverage. The network will also debut a live batting cage in studio allowing its analysts to demonstrate various aspects of hitting and pitching.

Online, "TBS Hot Corner" on MLB.com returns with more on-demand video highlights, exclusive interviews and analysis. The site gives fans access to highlights from the LDS and ALCS in addition to interviews with players and coaches. "TBS Hot Corner" will also feature exclusive segments from the studio with analysts breaking down all of the action and previewing upcoming match-ups. TBS analysts will also be accessible to fans via social media including live streaming chats throughout the post-season.

TBS's PITCHf/x System tracks every pitch thrown from the time it leaves the pitchers hand until the time it crosses home plate, calculating key statistics such as speed, break, location and trajectory. In addition to the standard "head-on" pitcher view, viewers will have the opportunity to see every pitch thrown from an overhead view and a side view, essentially offering three distinct viewing angles. The pitch tracking system has been operational at all 30 MLB ballparks since the start of the 2008 season.

The network will also feature its Pitch Trax, which illustrates pitch location, an animated Hit Chart and "The MLB on TBS" studio shows, which will include a live batting cage and pitching machine for on-air analysts to demonstrate hitting techniques and pitching strategies of the game.

Turner Sports will also allow fans to communicate with each other as well as react to the action on the field through various social media platforms.

Last season, TBS' exclusive coverage of the LDS led the network to its most-viewed week in the 33-year history of the network.