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Total Vision HD charts course to HD production with Sony XRI NLE, HDCAM

John Jackson and partner Frank Sullivan started Total Vision HD in St. Francisville, LA., in early 2004 with the goal of providing an array of HD multimedia services that include commercials and documentaries, news and sports production, video press releases, 3-D animation, Web design, video streaming and live event production.

Following early success, the video entrepreneurs began investigating the possibility of expanding the business. Jackson and Sullivan's insight into the future impact of high-def translated into quick action to recreate their company into what is now known as Total Vision HD. The complete package of the XPRI DMW-505NL system, HDW730 HDCAM camcorder and HDW-M2000 multi-format deck was operational by May 2004.

Getting up-to-speed with the camcorder and deck was obvious and intuitive. In particular, Jackson said he was amazed at how easy the transition to the XPRI system was.

The XPRI HD system seamlessly integrates with the HDW-730 HDCAM camcorder and HDW-M2000 multi-format deck. It can operate in uncompressed HD and native HDCAM format for more efficient storage capacity. It can also operate in standard-definition mode with support for SD uncompressed and MPEG-IMX 50 Mbps content, as well as low-resolution MPEG.

Jackson and Sullivan have seen their business transformed through the combination of the XPRI system and the HDW-M2000 multi-format deck as a method of bridging the HD and SD markets. Opportunities for corporate and industrial productions have multiplied, and national distributors now take an active interest in the company's feature work to meet the rising demand for HD programming.

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