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Toshiba, Studios to Carry Microsoft’s HDi Logo

Chief HD DVD proponent Toshiba will begin incorporating the logo imprint of “HDi” on all its new next-gen disc players, as well is its package content, according to Microsoft, which owns the logo trademark. Microsoft said it hopes to see a growing number of other studios carry the logo on its movie titles, in the footsteps of Universal and Paramount, which will begin using the logo this holiday season.

Besides the logo, HDi also is a proprietary Microsoft technology that represents a layer of a HD DVD disc earmarked for interactivity (also known as “advanced navigation”), including enhanced content accessibility and online options. HDi officially became its trademarked logo in July, according to Microsoft.

Most HDI technology, such as a director’s picture-in-picture, can be used simultaneously while viewing the movie or other content of an HD DVD disc.