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Top 5 vendor brands in broadcast technology

Which broadcast technology vendor brands are perceived as getting better or getting worse in the global marketplace? To find out, I presented a global list of market research respondents with a list of 25 broadcast technology vendors and asked whether their opinion of the company had "gotten better," "stayed the same" or "gotten worse" in the past two to three years.

Once these results were in, the "net change in brand image" was calculated for each company by using the following formula:

GB-GW/# of total respondents = Net change in brand image

In other words, the "gotten worse" number was subtracted from the "gotten better" number for each company (and the "stayed the same" number was ignored). This result was then converted into a percentage of the total for each vendor.

Evaluating the change in brand image in this way takes into account both the positive and negative perceptions of brands. It turns out that some brands are more polarizing than others, meaning that a strong "gotten better" response might be cancelled out by a strong "gotten worse" response. As a result, some companies who were rated in the Top 5 on just the "gotten better" score were not included in the global or regional Top 5 because their high "gotten worse" score dragged down their overall result. At the same time, a few of the companies with high "gotten worse" scores still made the Top 5 list because these negative scores were cancelled out by even higher "gotten better" scores.

The accompanying table summarizes the results by showing the vendors who were ranked in the Top 5 for "net change in brand image." To show geographic variation, these results are presented globally as well as regionally.

To see the full results, including additional tables, click here.