ToolsOnAir unveils a broadcast server for the Mac platform

ToolsOnAir has introduced Just:play, an Apple-based 24/7 broadcast playout server with real-time graphics.

The ToolsOnAir Just: Broadcast Suite offers a complete set of video production tools designed to facilitate a professional TV broadcast facility on the Apple Macintosh platform.

Just:play integrates with studio and live feeds, as well as real-time graphics including corner logos, lower thirds and tickers that update live from RSS feeds or remote databases.

Featuring a scheduling user interface, Just:play empowers broadcasters to manage their playout needs, allowing the creation of video playlists. They can be merged with real-time graphics overlays to simplify playback of regularly scheduled content. Just:play’s timeline-based interface enables users to schedule content for days, weeks or months in advance.

Just:play delivers full control of playback in real time. Gaps and overlays are visible in the timeline, and the playlist-based design makes it easy to structure the rundown.

Commercial breaks can be separated from the main programming content, and commercial containers can be filled automatically from any external scheduling or billing solution. Different color schemes can be utilized to highlight commercial breaks, feature films and live feeds.

The server supports major broadcast/archive formats, including H.264 and IMX, as well as QuickTime codecs such as ProRes, DVCProHD, XDam and Uncompressed. It imports a wide variety of industry standard playlists via XML. Just:play will integrate multiple layers of real-time Quartz Extreme graphics created in Composition:builder.