TNDV Expanding Nashville Warehouse

NASHVILLE, TENN.—After just a year and a half in its new warehouse in Nashville, TNDV is expanding the space to add more creative services for onsite production and event streaming. TNDV will add a large studio space, green screen, satellite downlink capabilities and in-house live streaming servers for live events.

While TNDV is primarily known as a mobile production specialist, this expansion comes along as the company begins to focus more on fixed video production and post work, including multi-camera shoots, graphics, editing and multitrack audio recording. The expansion will build on the warehouse’s existing capabilities, which include a built-in networked infrastructure, 4K UHD displays and recording technology, and fiber-optic tie lines.

Dow Smith, who was in charge of the initial project, will lead the expansion project. The target date to complete the expansion project is early November.