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Tiff Grows Between Blu-ray and Supporter HP

The Blu-ray Disc Association has decided not to adopt a recent proposal by Hewlett-Packard, a Blu-ray backer, that according to HP, would smooth the launch of the DVD technology for all parties, including proponents of the rival HD DVD standard.

Exactly where that leaves both formats, not to mention HP, is yet to be fully determined, but it appears likely that HP will have to split its support between both formats, according to Reuters. In recent weeks, it appeared that Blu-ray has been winning the war between the two incompatible formats, both due to be introduced in the United States and elsewhere in 2006.

HP fought strongly in support of two software programs that it says is vital for Blu-ray to include in its final configuration--iHD and "mandatory managed copy." The latter software allows users to legally copy DVDs and store the digital files on home networks. Sony, the key Blu-ray player, intentionally installed more stringent copy protection tools in its format that the HD DVD version, to the delight of Hollywood content providers.

The Blu-ray group did report that it would incorporate mandatory managed copy. However, it balked at the iHD component, which provides myriad interactive features and will be included in Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system. Blu-ray continues to insist that its interactive features be built on Java software from Sun Microsystems.