Three More Stations Request To Give Up Analog Channels

Three more TV stations have sent requests to FCC asking to give up their analog channels and make the move to all-digital broadcasting.

Two of the three stations, Paxson’s WYPX in Albany and WTBY in Poughkeepsie, have deals with Qualcomm to give up channel 54 or 55 in their respective markets. WYPX wants to give up channel 55 and stick with its digital channel 50, and WTBY wishes to give up analog channel 54 and broadcast only on its digital channel, 27.

Qualcomm has purchased the rights to channel 55 and is paying stations to leave their channel on or near 55 before the February 2009 switch date. Qualcomm would use the space for its MediaFLO wireless video and broadband service.

The third station is Paxson’s KPXO in Kaneohe, HI, which is on analog channel 66. The FCC is considering allowing stations on channel 60-69 vacate early so the channels can be used for public safety after the switch.