Threat to Mount Bigelow Broadcast Towers Diminishes; Tucson PBS KUAT-TV Off-Air Saturday

The Arizona Daily Star reported Sunday that Tucson Public Television station KUAT, channel 6, was off the air Saturday due to problems on Mount Bigelow. Although there were no reports that the KUAT transmitter facilities had been damaged, KUAT engineers were not able to access the Mount Bigelow site to repair the transmitter. For more details, see the Arizona Daily Star article Bigelow problem - KUAT-TV unable to air on Saturday.

The Arizona Daily Star, in an article posted Monday morning, Camps, towers win a reprieve, said the threat to the towers "appeared to be waning Sunday." The article credited the threat reduction to controlled burn operations designed to remove fuel from the Aspen fire, which has grown to 76,000 acres. There was concern that high winds late last week might send the fire over Mount Bigelow, where the TV towers are located.

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