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Thomson Transmitters See SFN Service in New York

Thomson Broadcast has announced that New Jersey’s WMBC-TV is now running two of the company’s transmitters in a single frequency network (SFN) configuration to better serve the station’s intended viewing audience. The station’s main DXC Paragon transmitter is now backed by a Thomson Elite solid-state unit located on the Empire State Building in New York. The station operates on Channel 18 and is licensed to Newton, N.J.

“This installation by Thomson Broadcast provides a solution that is perfectly adapted to our needs," said Victor Joo, WMBC-TV’s general manager. “The ATSC SFN allows us to overcome specific conditions in the densely built-up areas we serve, and with our excellent relationship with Thomson Broadcast, we were confident that the company's technology would be right for WMBC-TV.”

Both of the transmitters are equipped with Thomson’s ADAPT-IV exciter and Thomson is also handling the SFN timing information management with its NetProcessor 9030 technology.

The installation marks the first SFN project for Thomson.

“This first deployment of an ATSC SFN by Thomson Broadcast has been a great success for the company and for WMBC-TV,” said Richard Fiore, Thomson Broadcast’s vice president of worldwide sales. “In addition to overcoming the various challenges of installing a transmitter on the Empire State Building, it was the first implementation of SFN compatibility in both the DCX Paragon and Elite 1000 transmitters, and the successful completion of the project illustrates the value of an SFN in conditions encountered by many broadcasters.”