Thomson intros HDTV antennas

Thomson is introducing a new line of RCA-brand antennas designed to enhance reception for over-the-air HDTV signals. Products include both outdoor and indoor models.

RCA ANT3900 and RCA ANT3901 complement small satellite dishes, delivering local off-air VHF and UHF signals to satellite subscribers at no extra cost. These attach to DirecTV or Dish Network outdoor satellite antenna dishes.

The ANT3900 is designed for 18- or 20-inch dishes, with single- or dual-output low-noise amplifier/block converter (LNB). ANT3901 is compatible with elliptical DBS satellite dishes with multiple LNBs and supports up to four satellite receivers.

Two HDTV-compatible indoor models featuring contemporary two-tone silver designs include the RCA ANT401, with 25dB amplification, auxiliary input, integrated six-foot cable and 39-inch retractable dipoles. The UHF loop folds into the unit when not being used.

Sister to the ANT401 is the RCA ANT301, which offers the same design and features, but has 10dB amplification and adjustable gain control.

The lightweight and compact RCA ANT711 amplified indoor-outdoor antenna features a streamlined linear design. The antenna can be mounted on the roof, under the house eaves, on a balcony, outside a window or on a wall near the television. It includes 10dB of amplification, and an integrated recessed cable track enables the antenna to fit snugly to a surface.

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