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Thirty-five million U.S. homes to be passed by HD-capable telco lines by 2010

The addressable market for HDTV over copper and fiber phone lines is growing nearly 30 percent a year, and by 2010 more than 35 million U.S. homes will be passed by HD-capable telco lines, according to a new report from Freesky Research.

The report, "IPTV and the Future of Satellite Content Distribution," quantifies the addressable market for SDTV and HDTV services through detailed wireline network statistics. It also assesses the impact of online video and content delivery networks on the satellite distribution services.

According to David Gross, author of the report, telephone carriers are overestimating the number of televisions that are on at one time. With more than 60,00 remote terminals equipped with DSL cards and 55 percent of U.S. households being occupied by fewer than three people, there’s a large number of people to whom local carriers can offer HDTV service, regardless of the challenges of running VDSL2 on loops greater than 2000ft, he said.

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