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The WB Screens HD Content With JVC

The WB Network selected JVC's Pro-HD system to standardize screening of in-house HD content at its network facilities and 130 affiliates. Pro-HD is a three-part system that uses JVC's DM-JV600 MPEG-2 encoder, SR-VDA300 D-VHS recorder and SR-VD400 D-VHS player to record and playback 25 Mbps DVB-ASI data streams.

Pro-HD works by compressing an HD-SDI signal to 25 Mbps MPEG-2, then feeding the compressed signal directly into the SR-VDA300 D-VHS recorder. The resulting videotape can be recorded in either D-VHS or password-protected mode, which is then played back on the SR-VD400 D-VHS player.

The system provides a low-cost way for The WB to screen its HD programming throughout its network; with more than 10 hours per week of primetime HD programming, The WB has become a significant player in HD broadcasting. This fall, The WB will broadcast the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy in HD.